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In 2019 we have once again had the pleasure of assisting a range of clients and their families who experienced the unexpected.   Although what is around the corner is often a lottery, we can confirm first hand that insurance claims really do get paid – they are paid to real people and really do make a significant difference to what comes next.  Here we share a range of articles from our Knowledge Centre that focus on insurance, health and the unexpected.

The ‘Protecting Your Super Package’ is about insurance too

So you think you have insurance… in your super.   That might have been so, before the government passed the ‘Protecting Your Super Package’, which essentially in 2019 removed swathes of insurance cover for Australians without their full knowledge.  More changes are coming in 2020 so it’s important to know what you have in place, including if your insurance has already been cancelled or is going to be withdrawn.

The prevalence, incidence, risk and cost burden of ill health

‘It’ll be right’ or ‘bulletproof’ is a health mindset held by some of us. In this article, we unpack key findings into the prevalence, incidence, risk and cost burden of ill health in Australia.

Needs analysis: Linked personal insurance policies

A needs analysis can be an important initial step in the establishment of an appropriate personal insurance plan. In this article, we explore needs analysis and linked personal insurance policies.

Personal insurances: Insurance premium variables

Insurance premiums can vary considerably from one person to the next due to the diverse range of variables at play. In this article, we explore several of these variables via a case study.

Personal insurances: The risk probability/impact matrix

Insurance, in general, can sometimes be seen as a ‘grudge purchase’ as there can be a perception of little tangible value (until claim time). In this article, we explore the risk probability/impact matrix to highlight the value of personal insurances when it comes to managing certain lifetime risks.

Personal insurances: Completing a pre-assessment

When it comes to recommending which insurer (and their offering) may be appropriate for you and managing expectations around potential outcomes of a formal insurance application, often an important step in the process can be the completion of a pre-assessment. In this article, we explain what one is.

Income Protection: Indemnity and agreed value

One important factor when considering the establishment of an Income Protection insurance policy is the benefit type. In this article, we discuss the difference between indemnity and agreed value.

Insurance – Do I need it and am I getting a good deal?

That’s a reasonable and fair question and one we are here to help you answer.  Insurance needs don’t stay the same – they change over time and our advisers have many years of experience in helping our clients to determine if they need insurance and adjust along the way.  We help clients determine the types of cover that are relevant, how much it costs and if there are premium savings available through regular reviews.  We have many clients who have sought and now receive our ongoing review services after never hearing from their previous adviser again.  In addition to our Financial Knowledge Centre articles, we support our clients by offering ongoing review services plus support to administer their cover throughout each year.  When the unexpected happens, our experienced claims team provide crucial support at what can be a very difficult time.  If you would like to discuss our insurance review and ongoing support services more, please just contact us.


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